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Newsday Editorial: Get Moynihan Station Back on Track

On Friday, Newsday said if there is one big project “that deserves saving, it’s Moynihan Station.” The editorial called on State and City officials “to put their shoulders into this project and push.” Below is an excerpt:

This is a great deal for Long Islanders. First, commuters will be able to move off trains more quickly. Also, more jobs will be created in western Midtown, eliminating the need for many LIRR riders to backtrack east to Grand Central Station. An easier commute has to be good for Island home values.

Gov. Eliot Spitzer and economic czar Pat Foye met Wednesday with the private interests - the Garden and developers Vornado and Related. All are hedging over how to fill a $1-billion funding gap.

Spitzer has also met with New York's delegation in Washington. But he needs to sell the project by painting a broader vision of how it can become a national economic development boon, rejuvenating rail travel from Boston to D.C. to Chicago. Only then will legislators from Ohio or Pennsylvania vote yes, and help prove Moynihan wrong.

Kudos to Newsday for emphasizing the “broader vision” of the project and its importance for Long Island commuters. Indeed, Moynihan Station possesses economic development potential on a national scale and, if built right, could demonstrate the possibilities of regional rail in the U.S. If any transit project is deserving of federal funds it is the redevelopment of Penn Station.

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