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Paterson Asks Developers for New Moynihan Plans


When asked today on WCBS Radio about the status of Moynihan Station, Governor Paterson said that the state has asked the developers to come back with new plans.

A listener asked:

"Governor Paterson, what is the status of Moynihan Station and the purposed new Penn Station (also involving a new Madison Square Garden if the full plan goes forward). Is that plan dead, or is there potential for the project to move forward?"

The Governor responded:

"We have asked the developers of the potential Moynihan Station to come back to us with another plan that particularly features the subject we've been talking about today--transportation. Already we have addressed with them the dwindling supply of revenues that we as the state can put into the plan, and we're expecting an answer form them within a week or two."

He didn't clarify the transportation improvements he had in mind, but one would assume he could be referring to the negotiations on ARC, or maybe AMTRAK's proposed high speed rail (see ”New DC/NY High Speed Rail Link?” and “DC/NY High Speed Rail Legislation Advances in House.”).

Let's hope those plans become public soon.

Listen to Governor Paterson speak with Wayne Cabot and Steve Scott on WCBS Radio. He discusses Moynihan Station at minute 11:50.

Paterson Wants New Moynihan Station Plan From Developers, Eliot Brown for New York Observer.